Kasamba Psychics Review – Real Psychics or Scam?

Kasamba is what is known as an ‘experts’ website and has been in business since 1995. Experts from a variety of disciplines, such as business and finance, health and medicine and education and tutoring offer their services. The section for psychics comes under the banner of Spirituality and Religion.

There are literally thousands of psychics working from Live Person, hailing from all corners of the globe, so your time zone isn’t a problem if you want to get a reading from this site. It’s also possible to find readers who speak languages other than English on Kasamba, making this a truly international site.

What is Kasamba?

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Kasamba is a unique psychic network that specializes in online chat readings. This company claims that since opening in 1999, they’ve served over 3 million customers with psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology readings, and more. They have an attractive offer that includes 3 free minutes with an advisor of your choosing, and also offer a refund if you aren’t completely satisfied.

Although they have some interesting characters working as psychics in this network, their selection is one of the best (although too many options isn’t always a good thing). If you prefer a phone reading, then obviously this network isn’t for you.

How Does Kasamba Work?

Kasamba works a little bit differently than other psychic networks, so it can be tricky for those who are used to something like California Psychics to get started. The first thing that usually throws off new users is the fact that there is no prepay requirement.

Instead of giving your payment information first, and then getting started with a psychic advisor, you start by browsing through psychic profiles. And unlike other networks, every Kasamba psychic sets their own prices. You will likely find that many are in the same price range, but this does allow for those with a smaller budget to shop around a bit before choosing.

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​Once you’ve found the psychic reader that matches not only your budget, but also your needs, you simply contact them. There’s a “click to chat” feature where you can begin chatting immediately, or you can choose to speak on the phone or via email.

When you choose your contact method, there will be prompts that register you with a prepayment, and you’re connected immediately. This real-time availability is something that has always set Kasamba apart, making it a lot easier for users to get ​accurate readings when it works for their schedule.


Types of Readings on Kasamba

Types of ReadingOn a site that has so many psychic readers, you would expect to find a wide variety of psychic readings offered; at Kasamba, you won’t be disappointed with the choice. There’s everything from aura and crystal readings to graphology and palm readings and psychic reader categories such as career forecasts, love and relationships and financial outlook.

Kasamba offers phone and live chat readings. Chat readings are recorded and securely logged so that you can look back on them to see how accurate your psychic reader was.

Types of psychic readings offered on Kasamba include:

  • Aura Readings
  • Pet Psychics
  • Crystal Readings
  • Psychic Mediums
  • Remote Viewing
  • Rune Casting

Love Readings

A love reading is all about seeing the greater picture of your relationship with clarity, so that you can make the best decision for all involved.  Types of love readings offered on Kasamba include:

  • Breaking up and divorce
  • Cheating & Affairs
  • Finding love
  • Marriage issues
  • Soulmate connections

Tarot Readings

Tarot readers use symbolism and intuition to help make connections between the past, present, and future, in order to reveal potential paths.  On Kasamba, some of their tarot card readers also use angel cards and cartomancy as divination tools to help with the reading.

Fortune Telling

With fortune telling, the reader uses divination tools such as cards, pendulums, crystals, and astrology to foresee your future and help interpret to you the information they are receiving.

Dream Analysis

With dream analysis, your reader will reveal what your subconscious mind and heart what you to know.  Discover the true meanings behind your dreams and find the way to inner peace and joy.

Astrology Readings

Astrology readers use the details of your birth to understand your past and present, and then use that information to offer guidance for the future.  Kasamba offers both Chinese Astrology and Vedic Astrology to their clients.

Career Forecasts

A career reading focuses on your career, goals, work environment and future opportunities that you could be missing out on.  During a career forecast, your psychic will answer all work-related questions and guide you towards the best possible solution.

Pricing and Special Promotions

As I said above, one of my favorite things about Kasamba is the fact that they allow you to keep your budget in check while you search for the right psychic advisor. Not all readers are suited for all clients; sometimes a connection just isn’t there, or sometimes you may find it harder to communicate with one person over another. So, while you search for the right psychic reader, Kasamba makes it easier with a few special promotions and pricing features.

Special Offers and Deals

​Standard Prices Per Minute

​3 Free Minutes With Every Psychic Reading

​Each Psychic Sets Their Own Price.  The Cost Typically Depends on Psychic’s Experience, Popularity, and Ratings From Past Clients.

​50% Off Your First Session

​First 3 Minutes of Every Reading Are Free

For any client, at any time, no matter how often they’ve used Kasamba, the first three minutes of a reading are free. This gives you enough time to judge if there is a connection, or if you’ll feel more comfortable trying someone else. There is no risk at all here if you just don’t find the right groove with a psychic. Close out the chat or cancel the call or email session before the three minutes, and you are not charged.

50% Off Your First Reading

Additionally, your very first full-length session with Kasamba is 50% of the usual price, and you still get the three free minutes with this offer as well. So, for someone who is new to psychic readings, or new to Kasamba, you don’t have to spend a lot to find out if this is for you. If you want to get an abbreviated version of a full-length session to try out Kasamba, you can get this for free – absolutely no risk is involved here at all.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Kasamba offers a satisfaction guarantee of up to $50 for every psychic reading. If you just were not satisfied with your reading, you’ll get a refund up to $50 for the experience. This guarantee applies to every reading, no matter how many times you’ve used Kasamba or that particular psychic reader before.

What I Like About Kasamba

Strong Reputation

Looking at the pros and cons of using the Kasamba network, it is very evident that there are many great things about this community. I do like the fact that they’ve been around for so long. Having been in business since 1999, they have a solid reputation – over three million five-star ratings, and growing, says to me that this network offers quality services.


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I also love the convenience of being able to choose how you want to connect to a psychic advisor. Sometimes I think phone readings are best, especially when working with an empath.

But there are other times when I feel more comfortable with email or chat-based communication. As a bonus, having that written record of the reading through your email account can be very helpful when you want to refer back to what was said. Kasamba also gives you a transcript of any live chat reading you have done, so you get that same record to refer back to.

Confidential and Secure

Obviously, any time you get a psychic reading, you want to make sure that the entire experience is confidential and secure. Kasamba not only has over a decade of providing trusted service to back up its confidentiality claims, it also allows you to go through the registration process anonymously, so your name and information is never shared with the psychic. Another great thing is that they do accept PayPal, so you don’t have to enter a credit card number into their system at all. That’s a load off anyone’s mind if you are concerned about data breaches.

Large Selection of Psychics

Another excellent pro in Kasamba’s favor is their extensive range of readers to choose from. They have a huge selection of psychics, each with specialties that can better suit your needs. You can see ratings for each psychic from past clients, and you can also sort them based on your budget needs. On that note, the website is very easy to navigate, and sorting psychics based on what you need is a breeze. There are also free apps for iOS and Android devices so that you can connect on your mobile device if you prefer.

Great Introductory Offers (3 free minutes)

Finally, Kasamba offers some of the best introductory offers for new clients that I have seen from any other psychic network. If you want to simply try out a psychic before you commit to a large expense, you have the ability to do that for a fairly inexpensive price as a new customer. I think this is one of the best things about Kasamba, because not every reader will click with every client. It may take time to find the best reader for you.

What I Don’t Like About Kasamba

The only real con about Kasamba is the other side of the coin when it comes to every psychic setting their own price. Yes, that does mean that you’ll be able to find budget-friendly readers. But it also means that there’s no limit on top-rated psychics charging more.

Once a psychic reader has developed a fantastic reputation, and has a long list of clients interested in their services, they can raise their prices. The top-rated psychics on Kasamba are often as high as $10 per minute, which can get very expensive for a quality reading.

Final Verdict – Are Kasamba Psychics Real?

With over three million ​positive reviews, it would be hard to say anything other than yes, Kasamba psychics are real. Not only does the network connect you to some of the best psychics working around the country, it also offers so many different types of psychic readings that it would be very difficult to just dismiss the network altogether.

Browsing through the many profiles on Kasamba, it’s plain to see that some psychics are more trusted than others, who may just be getting started, but the final verdict will come down to your own preferences and needs.

With the first 3 minutes of every reading free, as well as their 50% of your first reading with Kasamba, it’s easy to test the waters for yourself.

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