Hollywood Psychics review – Scam or legit psychic guidance?Hollywood psychic review

We look at Hollywood Psychics for you as there are so many psychic sites available online today, it’s hard to know which one to pick!

There are also many that sound the same or similar to one another – Hollywood Psychics sounds like a place that might have a seedy reputation. But can you really judge by the name itself?

We wanted to look deeper to see if Hollywood Psychics is a reputable spot to get readings online, or if they are a scam!

Before we do so, however, do you need a reading right this minute? If so, follow the instructions below for a reading that is sure to be accurate and reputable.

Hollywood Psychics Website

Hollywood Psychics recently updated their site and it’s even better than before. It’s very easy to use and makes it easy to find a psychic, read reviews and sort your searches. They make scheduling a reading with any psychic simple even if they aren’t currently online. You can see each psychics schedule a month ahead of time so you know when to call in to speak with your favorite psychic readers. Their chat system has been greatly improved and I believe it is better than Live Persons chat, it’s really easy to use. Even better, they don’t count the time that you or your Psychic aren’t typing towards your minutes. This really saves you a lot of money compared to other Psychic chat services.

How Does It Work?

Hollywood Psychics requires all prospective psychics to go through a screening process. This sets them apart from the competition because they really take their time to find readers who are reliable and trustworthy. While their readers don’t offer video chat, customers can get in touch with someone through chat or phone.

Here are a few things this site looks for before bringing on a reader to the Hollywood Psychic team:

  • The psychic reader will need to fill out a questionnaire online and upload a resume
  • Applicants need to disclose whether they have a criminal record
  • After submitting the application, they will perform a 10-minute reading

To get started, users can create an account with Hollywood Psychics and deposit some money into their account. From there, they will be able to get in touch with the psychic anytime. Sessions are available in either English or Spanish. Prior to booking a reading, you can listen to an audio recording of the psychic to help you decide if they’re the right reader for you.

Moreover, choosing the top psychics for you is made easy. You can filter the search by reading type, language, specialties, reader style, and gifts. This narrows down the search and brings forward the type of reader that you’re looking for.

Chat and Phone

We really like how this provider offers readings through chat or phone calls. They do not offer video chat, which is a downfall to some people. On the bright side, they have bilingual psychics, making it perfect for both English or Spanish speaking customers. Before booking a session with a specific reader, hear their audio recording to get a feel for their voice. This will give you a better idea if they are the right psychic for you.

If you find out that you are completely unhappy with the reader you’ve chosen, end the session. You can contact Hollywood Psychics customer care team to request a refund, which they will gladly give to you after reviewing your case. Most providers offer you a credit in the amount of the session. However, this provider will give you a cash refund.

Psychic Reading Methods

There are many ways a reader can divine your fate. They look into your future through several different reading methods such as divination methods and psychic healing. Hollywood Psychics offers a large variety of specialties include tarot card readings, angel cards, dream analysis, numerology, astrology, among others.

We encourage you to do a little bit of research on reading types and methods. Doing this will give you the most value for your money and make the process of selecting the appropriate reader a breeze. For any questions, you can contact a customer care agent directly online.

Types of Psychics and Readings Offered

Hollywood Psychics have readers that are experienced in more areas than one. They have special psychic abilities and experience helping their clients find answers they are looking for.

Here are a few of the readings offered:

  • Tarot Readings – Some readers specialize in the use of tarot cards to gain insight into the obstacles or challenges their clients are facing. With Hollywood Psychics, you have over 70 tarot readers to choose from.
  • Clairvoyants – These types of readers can look beyond and into the future. Customers will benefit from their extrasensory skills and realities brought forward that are not necessarily seen by the naked eye. This provider has around 75 gifted clairvoyants.
  • Empaths – These types of psychics can enter the emotions of their client and understand what they are feeling and going through. This helps them better understand the situation and allows them to bring clients peace of mind.
  • Psychic Medium – If you are wanting to connect with the spiritual world, you need to go with a psychic medium. They have the ability to connect their clients with the spirit world. Hollywood Psychics has over 25 mediums to choose from.

These are just a few of the types of readings Hollywood Psychics offer. We were very impressed with their number of quality psychics, and judging from customer reviews, they deliver accurate readings. For a complete list of readings offered, we invite you to visit their website.

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